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Wild Medicine and Foraging

Spend quality time with the wild landscapes that exist all around you. Learn environmental stewardship through an herbalist's lens, and discover the nuances of bioregional herbalism. 

Upcoming Courses

Wild Medicine and Foraging a Four Part Series '23 
Plaistow and Manchester area, New Hampshire 

Learning to identify wild medicinal plants amongst your local unkept ecosystems is vital in understanding the core practices of herbalism. During these wild medicine, foraging, and wildcrafting sessions you will learn how to channel your inner herbal naturalist. You will differentiate the key characteristics of medicinal plants from the surrounding environment, learn extensive guidelines for foraging, and begin to build a Materia Medica. 

Expect to spend time directly in nature, with the plants, learning the nuances of bioregional herbalism. Grounded in resilience, understanding reciprical relationship, allyship with the land, wild botany, ancestral and natural history. 

Expect To: 

• Gain an extensive knowledge of foraging local wild herbs and edible plants

• Learn how to mindfully wildcraft with these plants in a way that supports your body and the environment

• Build a wild bioregional-based apothecary and basic materia medica

Building a Materia Medica: A Materia Medica is an extensive written account of a plant that includes:

• A plant's scientific name

• Origins

• Botanical vocabulary that describe the appearance 

•  How it is cultivated  

• The plant's history as well as its modern day use

•  The plants herbal actions, constituents, and energetics.

• The modalities in which the plant is used. 

Sundays from 12 to 3pm 

Dates and Locations:

March 5th, Plaistow Town Forest, Plaistow, NH 

May 21st, Bedford Heritage Trail, Bedford, NH

July 9th, Bedford Heritage Trail, Bedford, NH 

September 17th, Plaistow Town Forest, Plaistow, NH 

Open to 15 Students 
Cost: $150 
Individual Class: $50 
Class cost includes all materials for wildcrafting plus *
- A class pamphlet of all material covered during each session
- $30 worth of product made in class

Past workshops, classes, and events

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