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Herbalism Through the Seasons

Understanding Herbalism Through Each Seasonal Change...

Herbalism Through the Seasons courses are designed to capture the essence of each seasonal change and how it directly affects the body. In these courses, we will discuss subject matter pertaining to the particular time of year and how herbal traditions address their energetics as well as what happens in the body. 

Upcoming Courses

Spring and Summer Plant ID and Wildcrafting 
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Join in four classes on foraging, wildcrafting, and identifying wild plants of the Northeast. We will be walking through the forests at Derti Development, located in Northwood, New Hampshire, following the seasonal botanical life cycle that occurs during spring and summer.  

COST: $100 for all four classes 

DATES: May 7th, May 27th, July 30th, August 30th

TIME: 12-3PM 

LOCATION: Derti Development, 129 Rochester Rd, Northwood, NH

May 7th- Our Beginning Discoveries: Wild Food and Awakening the Body

Walk the land at Derti Development, filled with forests and disturbed soils. We will discover wild greens that can be utilized as daily foods for awakening the body in the form of rejuvenating the blood, moving digestion, and soothing inflammation.

May 27th- Discerning the Abundance: Wildflowers and Roots 

During this class, we will continue our identification of wild spring edibles and lean into remedy making. We'll likely come across many spring blooms and dig up herbal roots. Both of which support differing body systems that are vital for ailments that often arise during this time of year.

July 30th- Wildcrafted Plants for Topical Care and Wellness 

In the heat of summer, our skin often needs some extra care. During this class, students will learn the nuances of wildcrafted skin care, how to use these plants in making formulations at home, as well as identifying and foraging summer wild plants.


August 20th- Late Summer Wild Edibles and Wildcrafting 

Late summer yields so much energy and splendor felt through the ground we walk upon. Vitality is beginning to sink down toward the roots with autumn on its way. Our last class will wrap up with a deep dive into the surplus of the harvest season.


Past workshops, classes, and events

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