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Herbalism Through the Seasons

Understanding Herbalism Through Each Seasonal Change...

Herbalism Through the Seasons courses are designed to capture the essence of each seasonal change and how it directly affects the body. In these courses, we will discuss subject matter pertaining to the particular time of year and how herbal traditions address their energetics as well as what happens in the body. 

Upcoming Courses

Building Resilience: A Winter Course at Derti Development

Join herbalist Grace Krupkowski during this 3 hour course of learning how to use herbs for nourishing immunity, the nervous system, and balancing the body during these late winter months. 

Nourishing Immunity: You’ll learn a few basic herbs to utilize for supporting the immune system. We’ll discuss everyday herbal teas, tonics, and culinary practices that can be incorporated into your routine for increasing vitality and resilience. 

Caring for the Nervous System: Stress and emotional wellbeing play a vital role in how our bodies cope with the harsh elements of the winter season. We will dive deep into a few safe and effective herbs that center the mind and heart, tame anxiety, and boost the mood. 

Workshop: You will make and receive your own immune or nervous system tincture blend. Grace will demonstrate and allow participants to blend multiple single herb tinctures for the perfect remedy that supports you and your wellbeing as we draw closer to spring.

Cost: $55 
Date & Time: February 26th, 12-3pm 
Location: Derti Development, Northwood, NH
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Class cost includes all materials plus *-
extensive notes on all material covered during class and $20 worth of your own 

herbal tincture to take home! 

Past workshops, classes, and events

Herbalism Through the Seasons Spring Transitions and Herbs.png

      New Hampshire Herbal Network

Herb & Garden Day

   Guest Presenter 

       Caring For and Nourishing the Emotional Self 

         Discussion and Workshop 

   New Hampshire Herbal Network

Herbal Harvest Thyme

Guest Presenter

 Herbal Preparations for Fall

Discussion and Workshop

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