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What is Land of Milk and Honey?

Land of Milk and Honey Herbalism is Grace Krupkowski.
Herbalist, Educator, and Remedy Maker. 


Small Batch Herbalism

Grace creates a number of carefully crafted small batch, ethically resourced wellness products. These range from topical body care to ingestible remedies for supporting a wide variety of body systems. 
Grace is currently enrolled in the Vermont Center for Integrative Herbalism Family and Clinical Herbalist Training Program. Grace plans to complete the three year program where she will obtain her clinical herbalist certificate. From there, Grace plans to regularly see clients while she continues to teach classes, perfect her herbal product line, and become a valued member of the world wide herbal community. 
Grace strives to weave the power of personal agency, community, and the interdependence of humans with the natural world through herbalism. 
Grace works with all ages and all people throughout New England. She specializes in bringing forth awareness of the plants that exist in our own backyards and how those can be practically utilized to support overall wellbeing. Grace's herbal practice lies within bioregional herbalism and the western herbal tradition. 

Her education and background in herbalism range from her own home experiential study to internships and courses with clinical herbalists and institutions nation wide. 

New Hampshire Herbal Network Member and Presenter 2022 - present

2020 Second Level Apprentice at The Boston School of Herbal Studies 
Arlington, MA 

2019 Student at the California School of Herbal Studies 
Forestville, CA

2018 Intern for Kenzie Khaliq of Wild Faith Wellness Burlington, VT 

Grace in her own backyard, where she grows many of the ingredients that go into her products.
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